hydraulic hose

GEHC is a unique product borne of the experiences of its creator James O’Mahony. Having worked several harvests in Austraila’s remote outback and being vast distances from any repair shop, James has frontline experience of lengthy downtime when hydraulic hoses rupture.

In addition to downtime, running repairs with basic screw on fittings were also prone to failure due to their two dimensional design, these normally being a two part fitting with a straight shaft insert.

GEHC encompasses three dimensional design with three pieces including screw on external couplings supported by a toothed and expandable internal shaft.

Trials and field tests of these connections show minimum tolerances of 10,000 ppsi (Agricultural) and 20,000 ppsi (Heavy Equipment). These results are proven to be at the top end of all known hydraulic tests globally. For more information on the Hydraulic Hose Repair Kit, view the King Coupling here. 

The Owner

James O’Mahony is from county Cork where he grew up on a busy 140 acre dairy and stud farm in Goggins Hill just south of Cork City.

From a young age James developed a keen interest in machinery and has operated all types of equipment including forage harvesters, loaders, excavators and trucks. From the field to the repair shop James has a practical understanding of the requirement for high quality, easy to use repair products that ultimately stand the test of time.  

GEHC is the culmination of James’ experience and knowledge of part making, for all types of hydraulic based machinery. Being at the literal cutting edge of this patented design James has created the most cost effective and convenient hose connection currently available.

James lives by the standards of honesty, integrity and trust and pledges only the best in terms of quality product for his customers. In his own words James is proud to present an ‘Irish solution to a worldwide problem’.